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GetTested's nutrition test measures your levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and selenium and the ratio between these minerals. The ratio, i.e. the balance between the different minerals, is often at least as important as checking the individual values. The right ratio of sodium/potassium can have an effect on blood pressure as well as on the heart and blood vessels. The copper/zinc ratio has an impact on the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Potassium/calcium is an important ratio for the thyroid gland, while magnesium/calcium plays a role in cardiovascular health, bone health, metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

This test is for you if you suspect malnutrition, have too high a level of a nutrient (which can be toxic) or just want to check your levels to optimise your health.

-Self-test without a doctor's visit

-Clinically approved test analysed by an ISO15189 certified laboratory.

-Detailed results report

-Fast results

Our health tests, including blood tests, are done at home. Capillary blood is collected by pricking the finger. The blood is collected in a tube or paper and sent to our ISO certified laboratory for analysis. Children can also do the tests, provided they are able to perform a blood test.Simple andA test kit will be sent to the address you provide when you place your order Once you have placed your order, we will send a test kit to your home with instructions. A prepaid return envelope will also be enclosed to be sent back to us. It is recommended that you send the sample in on a Monday or Tuesday.Perform the test according to the instructions in your test kit and on the internet Our support can also answer any questions you may have, before and after submission and the results.Send the test kit to our ISO-certified laboratory and wait for the digital You will usually receive a reply within 15 working days of our laboratory receiving your sample.