D3+K2 Spray Junior mit Vitamin A

D3+K2 Spray Junior mit Vitamin A

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How it works

Vitamin D3 is also known as the sun vitamin. It bears this name because the body produces it itself from the building block cholesterol. But the organism needs another important factor for this: sunlight. Only if enough surface of the skin is reached by UV radiation, this transformation takes place under the skin. Due to our modern lifestyle, which has shifted more and more indoors, and the extensive use of UV-blocking suntan lotions, people nowadays produce less and less vitamin D3 themselves. Especially in the cold season with few hours of sunshine, a vitamin D3 deficiency can easily occur. Vitamin D3 has a variety of functions in the human body. Probably the most important and best known are in the area of the immune system, muscle function and bones. Vitamin D contributes to a normal function of the immune system, a normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal bones. In the case of a pronounced and long-term deficiency, disorders can occur in these areas as a result. Like all vitamins, vitamin D3 is part of a complex biomechanism that does not function in isolation but together with other nutrients. For an optimal formulation, our vitamin D3 also contains vitamin K2, which also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

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  • Verified Review
    Karl - 19.12.2023

    I have been using these vitamin D3 with K2 drops for a long time. Easy to use. A pump shot is easier to dose than a drop...especially for older people. Quality that convinces. Definitely to be recommended.

  • Verified Review
    Laura - 12.12.2023

    The spray is easy to use and tastes very neutral. It really is perfect to dose. A Gamechanger!

  • Verified Review
    Sabine - 28.10.2023

    Me and my family use it now daily. It is the first time my children remind me to take my supplements. We are very happy with this product.

  • Verified Review
    Kai - 07.09.2023

    The taste is good, but if you dose it higher, it won't last 6 monhts.