Ihre Vorteile

  • Erhalt und Erhöhung der Leistungsfähigkeit Ihrer Mitarbeiter.

  • Verbesserung des Unternehmensimages durch attraktive Sozialleistungen.

  • Erhöhung der Arbeitsplatzattraktivität für Ihre Mitarbeiter.

  • Zur Sicherung der erfolgreichen Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens.

The dunatura Principle

Naturally. Without unnecessary additives.
Every dunatura product is developed with the utmost care by our experts in micronutrients and nutritional medicine. We completely avoid unnecessary additives and use only the best raw materials. Guaranteed and continuously laboratory-tested!


Best quality, laboratory tested


Highly dosed ingredients


Fair. Sustainable. Transparent.

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Thomas Kapp, CEO of DPS Business solutions

"The corporate Benefits program from dunatura helped us in nearly every aspect. Our sick days decreased, the overall mood in our office improved, and the Appreciation of our employees towards our company also got better. As you can personalize it for almost every employee, they will get something personal, which will also keep them healthy."

  • Sickness rate got down by nearly 30%
    Felix Schaumberger - Commondo

    "Our employees, where very happy when we introduced the Tagespack from dunatura. What surprised me the most was that our Sickness rate got down by nearly 30%. I didn't think it will work that well."

  • "Our employees actually take it"
    Sabine Pargger

    "So we introduced dunatura to our employees a few month's ago. I thought why not, let's try out it is something different. After some time we recognized that we actually reached a higher scope of work in the same time. I don't know where it's coming from. I just recognized that our employees actually take it regularly by seeing the empty packages every month."

  • "Happy Employees = higher focus"

    Our Employees seem happier than before.