• Verified Review
    Jessica - 25/07/2023

    I was very sceptical about the product at the beginning. Nevertheless, I dared to try the "Immune Complete" and was completely thrilled towards the end!
    I work very close to people and actually pick up viruses quickly. Since using the Immune Complete, I have hardly ever been ill and have become more resistant to various diseases.
    Dunatura is an absolute gamechanger for me and I recommend it to everyone.
    Thank you Dunatura!

  • Verified Review
    Christian - 04/04/2023

    that you can put it together yourself, or the advice on what is best for you, then the fast and always friendly service, also on Whats App!

    I have been suffering from post polio syndrome since 2011 and the tablets help me a lot.

    Before, I always had to order everything separately, which was very expensive. I can only recommend this. It's great!

  • Verified Review
    Hilde - 12/05/2023

    I tolerate the product very well, I also find it very helpful that you can do a test that gives you clues as to which nutrients are helpful for me in the specific situation. Nevertheless, the result can still be varied. The transport works very well and they are packed in a suitable box.

  • Verified Review
    Mima - 02/05/2023

    I am feeling very good, full of energy.