The dunatura principle

Natural. Without unnecessary additives. Every dunatura product is developed with the utmost care by our experts in micronutrients and nutritional medicine. We completely avoid unnecessary additives and use only the best raw materials. Guaranteed and continuously laboratory-tested!


Best quality laboratory tested


Highly dosed ingredients


Fair. Consistent. Transparent.

  • Verified Review
    Lidia - 25/09/2023

    I came across dunatura through glossybox. By reading carefully I registered on the site straight away, the great thing is you can do a test free of charge and in no time at all I have the answer to the vitamins I need for every day. Without the annoying search and read what would be right for me..., at dunatura is like with a magic wand🪄super great with heart body and soul compiled ❤️❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀 Many thanks to the whole dunatura team 👏👍💪🏻🫶😇☺️

  • Verified Review
    Christian - 04/04/2023

    that you can put it together yourself, or the advice on what is best for you, then the fast and always friendly service, also on Whats App!
    I have been suffering from post polio syndrome since 2011 and the tablets help me a lot.
    Before, I always had to order everything separately, which was very expensive. I can only recommend this. It's great!

  • Verified Review
    Hilde - 12/05/2023

    I tolerate the product very well, I also find it very helpful that you can do a test that gives you clues as to which nutrients are helpful for me in the specific situation. Nevertheless, the result can still be varied. The transport works very well and they are packed in a suitable box.

  • Verified Review
    Mima - 02/05/2023

    I am feeling very good, full of energy.

Our Independent Experts

Some people have an incredible expertise. Our goal is to motivate many of these experts to become independent advisors. Their independence and expertise in their fields will drive us forward in terms of customer centricity, product development and sustainability. Without independent impulse, nobody improves, and we don't just want to be good, we want to be excellent.collaboration.
  • Dr. Jan-Philipp Müller

    Physician FC Bayern Campus
    FC Bayern Women & Junior
    FIFA Medical Diploma
    Technical University Munich

  • Christiane Sauret

    Independent expert & coach for
    Pharmacy, Vital- & Micronutrients
    Polymedication & blistering
    Therapy optimisation & care

  • Dr. Sebastian Horn

    Europe's leading dementia expert
    Medicines for Europe
    Ex-Roche & Sandoz
    Chr.-Albrechts-University Kiel

  • Natalia Belaiche

    Integrative nutrition health coach
    “Healthy is the new Sexy”
    Author several nutrition books
    Restaurant owner & happy mom

  • Christian Metz

    Licensed Pharmacist
    MBA (Pharmacy)
    Ludwig-Max.-University Munich

  • Stefan Rhein

    Nutrition expert
    Corporate Health Management
    Author several nutrition books
    Coach Sport Assoc. Rhineland

  • Dr. Thomas Klein

    CEO firmovo GmbH
    corporate. Health
    Prevention and rehabilitation
    Technical University of Munich

The most important questions and answers

Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. For more specific questions, you can always send us a message.

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How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

Please send an email to, or cancel / pause your subscription yourself in your customer account.

When is my order coming?

Normally, your package should arrive within 4 business days. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will be notified by us.
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Can I change the composition?

You can change your individual composition in your customer account at any time.

Is it also suitable for diabetics?

There is no sugar or sugar substitute in our food supplements. Our products are therefore suitable for diabetics.

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